Saturday, July 3, 2010


The Cyprus Action Network of America is continuing its grassroots campaign to stop Jennifer Lopez from making an illegal visit to Turkish-Occupied Cyprus.

From a CANA press release:
In recent days an overwhelming number of emails and calls have been sent in protest to the "William Morris Agency" in New York that represents Lopez in New York. There is no evidence NONE that Jennifer Lopez has withdrawn or denied that she is going to Turkish-Occupied-Cyprus. We urge all activists to keep trying to bring media attention to her illegal visit. We urge you all to continue until we or anyone else receives official confirmation of her cancelling from the right channels.

Please emphasize in your letters to Lopez that besides the fact the illegal pseudo-state is recognized by no-one but the human-rights-abusing Turkish government, we also note in Jennifer Lopez’s case the hypocrisy of her and her agent "William Morris Agency" disregarding the fact that the illegal Turkish military-occupiers are the unrepentant rapists of 800 Greek-Cypriot women.
The northern third of the island of Cyprus has been under Turkish military occupation since 1974.

Thousands have supported the CANA campaign to persuade Lopez to cancel her appearance by joining the Facebook group AGAINST JENNIFER LOPEZ PERFORMING IN OCCUPIED CYPRUS, which has attracted almost 6,000 members in just a few days.

For more on CANA's efforts to bring justice to Cyprus, visit the group's Web site by clicking here.

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