Monday, December 5, 2011

AHEPA/Philoptochos Christmas Party A Huge Success

From George J. Giovanis, AHEPA President, Chapter No. 61:
In regard to the AHEPA/Philoptochos Christmas Party, this is an interim report pending the receipt of all outstanding bills and other related information on this highly successful joint venture between our AHEPA Chapter and the Ladies of St. Xenia Philoptochos Society.

A final report will be submitted to our membership for final review. The planning committee will meet in the near future to critique this event and make recommendations for next year’s Christmas Party. After accounting for all bills, proceeds from the Christmas Party will be distributed as donations to our Church and the Salvation Army.

Please note the following information regarding this year’s Christmas Party on December 4:
1. Donations totaled $942 in cash and checks payable to the Salvation Army.

2. Total Christmas Party proceeds were $1,280.

3. We had a grand total of 204 in attendance including 128 adults and 76 children.

4. We are grateful to the following Ahepans who donated a combined total of $600 sponsoring for the evening’s entertainment (Joey Vincent & Pipper the Clown): Artie Fecera, Christ Kraras, Gust Kraras, Dean Kraras, Chris Dikos, John Ioannidi, Mike Chaknos, Athan Dialectos, Chris Ganas, Steve Lecatsas, and George Giovanis.

5. Sal Caloiero did a magnificent job preparing the delicious pizza with assorted toppings as well as donating all of the pizza totaling 35 pies (280 slices). Additionally, Stam Zervanos made a generous donation in purchasing various food items. The Kitchen Crew and the Ladies of Philoptochos should be commended for preparing and serving an absolutely delicious and festive meal. A big thanks to Chris Platanos for being the evening’s photographer and “Big Frank” Petrakis for organizing the beverage bar.

6. The planning committee worked well together organizing and implementing a highly successful event for our Church community including: Kathy Rohm, Susan Mara, Joan Giovanis, Susan Seibert, Des Denne, Kim Shunk, Tony Koumaras, Nick Krallis, Chris Dikos, Jim Rohm, and George Giovanis.

7. Our entire Church Community was very generous in making food donations (i.e., desserts) as well as contributions to this year’s Community Outreach program.

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