Thursday, March 20, 2014

President's Report

§  Our AHEPA Sunday festivities were a huge success last Sunday, March 16th.  We recognized and honored our Ahepans for their service to our Church and community.  We also celebrated our Church’s 100th year birthday.  Following Church service in which an Artoclasia and prayers were conducted for the health of our members, we has a “photo-op” of all of our members.  I counted approximately 60 to 70 Ahepans in attendance for this event!  Thanks to Chris Kraras, Stam Zervanos, and all of our Ahepan “Kooks”, we had a fabulous Lenten luncheon for all parishioners.  A special thanks for Brother Gust Kraras for composing the AHEPA Sunday booklet publication.  What a special day for our AHEPA fraternal order!
§  The first attachment (AHEPA 2013-2014 Meetings/Activities) has been revised as if 3/20/2014.  I have added another AHEPA business meeting scheduled on Sunday, April 27 featuring the initiation of new member prospects.  If you know of any individuals that you would like to recommend for membership, please contact me.  We already have a least four (4) individuals that have expressed interest in joining our Chapter.
§  The Winter Issue of the AHEPA District #4 Power Line has featured our Chapter #61 activities.  If you want to view a color version of the Power Line. Simply go online at and click on “Power Line”.  The cover page and page 8 have a variety of photos of our Family Christmas Party.  Page 6 of the newsletter highlights our Chapter meetings & activities.  Also check out our Chapter#61 website with a wealth of information designed by Brother Tony Phyrillas.
§  The second attachment includes our AHEPA NCAA Basketball Pool for 2014.  March Madness has already begun!  Please contact me today and let me know how many boxes you want to purchase for the pool.  I am going to be out of town quite a bit between now and the April 7th championship game.  I will not have time to call and remind Brothers to participate in the pool. Sooooo…..e-mail me today at and let me know how many boxes you want to purchase.  All details are listed in the second attachment.

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